Iker Casillas has come down on the side of team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo.

With Real Madrid misfiring over recent weeks, Ronaldo has been savaged in the press who seem to have come to the conclusion that the £80m player is too selfish in front of goal (how else do you score such a phenonenal amount of goals?!)

One of the press who criticized Ronaldo's selfishness was Iker Casillas's girlfriend (who works for Spanish TV). But Iker was keen to stress his own view is very different.

“Cristiano Ronaldo can be selfish, but in the best sense of the word, because he was born to score goals. I have not had, nor do I have, nor will I ever have any problem with Ronaldo, because he is a great companion.

“Real Madrid are so important to us that we talk about everything. In the dressing room we are like a family.”