Mourinho wants Goals from Ronaldo

Soon-to-be Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has insisted that he loves Ronaldo, in spite of their war of words when Jose was Chelsea boss, and Ronny was at United.

Back in the day, Mourinho criticised Ronaldo's upbringing, whilst Ronaldo chose to ignore Mourinho.

Now, ahead of the Portuguese two-time winner of the Champions League becoming boss, the manager has praised the player.

Mourinho said: "We are both Portuguese, he is the best player in the world and I am one of the best coaches in the world. I want lots of goals from him next season."

"Crisitiano is not happy because he has not conquered any titles this sesason," said the Special One.

On the subject of Ronaldo’s lifestyle away from football Mourinho added: "No-one can criticize him if, when he goes on his holidays, he is with Paris Hilton in LA or if he buys a new Ferrari because someone who trains and plays as he does is from another planet. He is an historic footballer."