Ronaldo Anxious to be a Champion

Cristiano Ronaldo wants his team-mates to remain calm and focussed as the league title enters its climax. Just a point behind Barcelona with a few games to go, Real have a great chance of becoming Champions, and Ronaldo is convinced they'll win.

"I am very happy with my hat-trick, but merit also belongs to my team-mates, who have helped me immensely during my first year adapting to the team. The important thing is to be able to help the team."

"It was hard for us to get into the game, but we were a true Real Madrid side tonight nonetheless. Our four goals gave us three points that keep the fight alive. The team played very well."

"We have to keep hoping Barcelona will lose at some point, but we must play our next game at home and wait. We aren't champions yet, but I'm excited about it already. We are anxious to be champions. We know Barcelona are in great form, but I'm convinced we'll win."