Baby Named: Cristiano Ronaldo

We're not 100% sure on this (yet to be confirmed by Ronny), but our sources are telling us that the baby is going to be named... Cristiano Ronaldo! (Confusing!)

Ronaldo's sister Katia is quoted as saying "The baby is doing very well. He's called Cristiano Ronaldo just like his dad. Cristiano chose the name but we like it."

"We are looking after him while Cristiano is away. He looks like his father and like me. He has the same eyes. We don't know the mother, we never met her. Some people may think it's strange, but we don't. We're very happy about what Cristiano has done," said Katia.

Ronaldo's mother Dolores, 55, confirmed her grandson had been born in the US, but the family refused to elaborate on the rumours about the details of the boy's parentage.