Iceland player Paul Doyle continues with his attacks on Cristiano Ronaldo, following happenings after their first round of games.

The first week at the tournament has been filled with lots of intrigues already and Cristiano Ronaldo added another.

After the disappointing game for Portugal, the former World’s best player complained about the way the Iceland team celebrated the draw. He accused them of playing defensive tactics to bore the game.

Ronaldo said he “thought they’d won the Euros the way they celebrated at the end, it was unbelievable. When they don’t try to play and just defend, defend, defend, this is in my opinion shows a small mentality and they are not going to do anything in the competition.” It seemed like the disappointment talking, with the comment drawing commendation from various quarters.

Iceland is one of the least populous nations ever to appear in the European Championship and it was a great joy for them to make it through the game. They were even ahead of Turkey and Holland in the qualifying group stage. They responded after hearing the response of the player. Defender Kari Arnason said: “He’s just a sore loser. He didn’t want to lose the game. What does he expect – for us to play like Barcelona against him? He fannies about and dives around.” Arnason added that they paid no extra attention to the player.

Arnason didn’t end there. He said Ronaldo comments are the reason why Lionel Messi is always going to be one step ahead as he was a more lovable character. After a goal by Nani for the Portuguese in the first half, a volley in the 50th minute was enough to earn Iceland a point. Hungary topped the group after defeating Austria by 2-0.
Paul Doyle added that it was Ronaldo that had a small mentality in his own bid to respond to the attacks from the superstar.