Ronaldo says Yes to Real

We all knew that he was going to, but its another nail in his United coffin. Given he stated his desires clearly last summer, it comes as no surprise!

Our Portuguese hero was on TV in the US to give his reaction to the transfer whilst out in the states on holiday.

"I learned about the deal on holiday and heard that United have accepted. Madrid want to have a medical team look at me, but that's as expected. I do not require surgery. The hernia is nothing to worry about."

"The deal is historic - £80m is quite a sum of money. It's flattering when two of the top teams in the world want you to play for them," said the 2008 Fifa Player of the Year, who has yet to finalise personal terms with Real.

Ronaldo's first game looks set to be in Dublin, at Real Madrid's training camp on July 10th.

We'll be following Ronaldo wherever he goes, whilst secretly hoping he returns to Old Trafford some day to wear the famous Red shirt!

Ramon Calderon (ex Real Madrid supremo) confirmed last night that the deal had een in the pipeline for some time. "Last season, Manchester United decided not to do it because they thought it was too early," he said. "Everyone involved in the operation agreed to do it this season. That is what I can say."