Who would have thought that a couple of weeks would pass since the start of the La Liga

Who would have thought that a couple of weeks would pass since the start of the La Liga 2015-16 and two of its biggest superstars would still be looking for their first goal?

Yes, so far in the Spanish top tier this season, neither Messi nor Ronaldo has found the back of the net.

You take your mind back to when for the last time it happened and you would get to know how much this league is used to seeing the goals coming off these two legendary players.

The last occasion of a weekend passing in La Liga without Messi or Ronaldo netting for their respective teams came all the way back in October 2013.

Sitting and analyzing the games of the two players gives you a feeling that it’s not that much of a form issue with either of them.
With Messi, it’s just a matter of time that he drills one past the opponent goalkeeper. He has been threatening to do that in both the games. He has had significant number of touches, his dribbles have been successful and he has tackled well too. He is doing things right for his team and himself as well.

But, you can’t say the same thing for Ronaldo. He is not looking happy in the system of his new manager Rafa Benitez and that’s why his game is suffering. He is probably getting a little selfish, wanting to have the glory himself all the time even when he knows he can set it up for some other guy providing a better opportunity to the team to get a goal under its belt.

He is a maverick, Ronaldo. He wants to be on the hot seat always, the central figure of his side, but, Benitez is someone who is a big supporter of ‘Team First” theory. If for achieving the right balance, he has to play his most capable player at his non-preferred position; he would not mind doing that.

It would be interesting how Ronaldo turns up in the upcoming games because Benitez is all set to stick to Karim Benzema as the main attacking figure in his XI.