Ronaldo Happy for Benzema

Karim Benzema came in from the cold on Sunday, with manager Jose Mourinho finally giving him a chance to prove himself on the pitch. Two assists for Ronaldo later, and it certainly looks like there is a chance that the Frenchman has a future at the club.

Ronaldo was happy for him. "I'm in great form and having a phenomenal run. I scored goals and I'm happy because we are still leaders. The team played well after half-time, doing the never-easy task of scoring three goals. I am also very happy for Benzema. He played a decisive role and assisted me in our third goal."

"Mourinho gave perfect and correct orders during half-time that changed the team. Everything has to work on the pitch, it isn't enough to attack well. Everything we did in the second half was perfect and that's why we won."