Adrien Rabiot denies rumours of a strike

Many of the papers in Italy reported that Adrien Rabiot has gone in a strike. He in response to this has posted several photos on his Instagram page.

He has just laughed off all the rumours of him being in the strike. His first post in his story was a selfie where he was looking thoughtful and the caption was sarcastically conveying about his last day of the strike which also had laughing emojis. He posted another picture of a medicine bottle named journalist which was in French and the caption was “Newspaper, TV – don’t swallow.”

The rumours started to become prominent when he didn’t return for the training session. Serie A is on the path of restarting with the training to be resumed after this week. The government is preparing to bring back football by the end of May.

The campaign was suspended in March due to coronavirus. Italy still remains one of the countries that have been gravely affected by the virus and they have lost millions of lives.
The training has been started in Turin and many of his teammates have returned for the practice with the hope that the season will be resuming soon. The French footballer has not yet returned which made the media to assume that he has gone on strike.

An Italian newspaper La Stampa claimed that Rabiot has gone on strike as his salary of £6 million a year was cut off by 25 per cent in order to compensate the financial loss caused due to the COVID 19 pandemic. But he will be returning to Italy by Wednesday and will have to stay in 14-day isolation as per the rules implied by the government for people coming from abroad. Another Juve player Gonzalo Higuain has not yet returned from Argentina who left to his homeland as his mother was ill.

Rabiot joined Juventus by declining his extension of the contract in PSG and has been part of Juve from the last summer. The teams are training individually or in small groups with strict social distancing rules implemented.