Barca take La Liga

Barcelona were confirmed as Primera Liga champions, with Real Madrid stumbling to an irrelavant draw - Barca needed to drop points but were at their convincing best, and socred two early goals.

Real were focused on winning and had their first chance on goal within the first minute when Ronaldo sent the ball over the crossbar following a killer pass on the goal-line by Marcelo. The locals played a rather tough game, especially on Cristiano Ronaldo, who stoically withstood all the kicks and tackles he received.

Malaga sent a shock down the system when Duda scored the opener following a good passing movement on the 7 minutes.

Higuain missed the target with a shot from outside the box, Ronaldo forced a save with a header on 24 minutes, and Van der Vaart nearly scored from a spectacular bicycle-kick five minutes later. Malaga worked very hard and well to keep the Madridistas in check before half-time.

After half-time, Van der Vaart turned 180º and defeated him with a spectacular shot that grazed the inside of the right post.

Real Madrid didn't relax and kept looking for a winner. Sadly it wasn't to be - the draw meant Malaga avoided relegation and they simply focused on defending.