Cristiano Ronaldo is not interested in being compared with Lionel Messi

For the past 10 years, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have been taking the world of football by storm with superb performances in just about every single season.

Each one of them have played a huge role with their respective club(s) that they have performed in but there is a question that always comes up, who is the better player?

This is something that people can never quite agree to; it’s a similar thing to the debate in relation to Pele or Maradona, who is the overall best performer of all time?

Some experts and supporters say that C.Ronaldo is better cause he has demonstrated his skills in various leagues including the Premier League and La Liga while others say that Messi is simply an extraterrestrial being that has proved his worth time and time again with Barcelona.

The likes of betfred have made him odds-on to win this year's Ballon D'Or.

Nonetheless, these comparisons is something that C.Ronaldo simply does not care about as the Portuguese recently talked about his so called rivalry with the ace of Barcelona and C.Ronaldo said:

"Cristiano is Cristiano and Messi is Messi, We are both great players with individual and team titles that speak for themselves. The comparison? I don't like to compare, that word doesn't exist for me. We are different, two people just doing their job and that is all.

"He tries to be the best player for his team and I try to do the same for mine. We are rivals because we play for different clubs, but when we are together we show each other mutual respect. We have a normal relationship.I just don't care about my critics. Simply that doesn't matter to me.I am not here to please my detractors; I am here to make my fans happy’’

Recently, it does seem like C.Ronaldo has the edge over Lionel Messi as he was awarded with the 2016 edition of the FIFA Ballon D’Or but after everything is said and done, fans of football should just be grateful to be able to see players of their caliber performing every week and showcasing their abilities to the world.