Fergie: They're Mates

Sir Alex Ferguson was in a happy mood as he was interviewed after the game - United's first competitive match of the season, but that didn't stop him from staunchly defending his players - in fact it made it easier for him.

Ronaldo and Rooney are supposed to have had a relationship crisis after the Portugal-England game, but the way they played together yesterday made that notion sound ridiculous.

"They linked up together on numerous occasions," said Ferguson. "You could tell he and Wayne are the best of pals.

"People always look for scapegoats but we have a great spirit here and we will not let that be affected by what people say outside the club."

Fergie also believes Ronaldo won't get as hard a time as people expect in away grounds.

"The Fulham fans did boo Cristiano a bit at the start but in the end, even they were acknowledging what a great footballer the boy is."

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