Rio: Respect For Ronaldo

Rio Ferdinand suddenly has a lot to say about pretty much everything at Manchester United (I think he's either in the payroll of The Sun or got a new book coming out!), but its all very interesting as far as we Ronaldo fans are concerned!

Speaking of the respect he has for Cristiano, Ferdinand was keen to point out the tests Ronny has faced, and he's passed them all with flying colours.

"The kid has been through so much in a year. His father died, he had a rape accusation against him that was shown to be rubbish. He had plenty of tribulations before the World Cup and that proved to be just another chapter.

"But I know Ronaldo can be a key figure in a United team that wins trophies. I see the way he is playing now and I notice he has matured over the summer.

"He has looked at himself and I think now you are seeing a player whose end product is so much better now. Like Wayne Rooney, he is a magic player who can win a game on his own."

There was a time however when he feared Ronaldo might be lost to the club as the player openly spoke about going to Real Madrid.

Then Ferdinand had to help act as peacemaker when Ronaldo was involved in Rooney's World Cup red card against Portugal.

He said: "I spoke to Cristiano straight after that game and asked him what went on. He told me he did not ask for Wayne to be sent off.

"I told him to make sure he spoke to Wayne straight away and he agreed. Wayne was the same. They got in touch and there was no animosity. At one point I feared Cristiano was going to go this summer. But Man U are not going to let one of their best players go."

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