Ron on Front Pages

For the first time in 8 months, Cristiano Ronaldo hit the front page of the newspapers. Whilst he's more than happy to be seen on the back, sports, pages of newspapers, the fact that he's once again the talk of the nation will hurt him.

This comes just days after Cristiano complained in the press about the fact that he was front-page news at the time of his father's death and rape allegations.

According to 'a close friend' of one of the non-celebrity, attention-seekers on Big Brother 7, Ronaldo and Imogen (who?) spent the night together last september.

Quite why this makes the front page news is anyones guess. Ronaldo was single at the time, so why do the press think we need to know - he was just an ordinary youngster doing hi thing.

Ronaldo is now said to be romantically involved with Portugese model Merle, 30.

When will the press leave Ronny alone?!