Ronaldo: I didn't get Roo Sent Off

Cristiano Ronaldo has an urgent message he wants to share with all his England fans - that he didn't get Rooney sent off.

Rooney was sent off in the World Cup Quarter final between England and Portugal - he was involved in a tussle for the ball with two Portugal players, before he pushed one of them over and looked to have stamped a rivals private parts. The referee was right next to the incident, and had probably already made up his mind, but the TV pictures showed young Ronaldo rushing to the referee - an action which the English press have started a Witch-hunt over.

Ronaldo told Portuguese reporters:

"People will say that the referee gave the red card because I spoke with him. This is not true. I spoke with him to say it was a foul, but I only said it was a foul, not a red card,"

"I think the English press will say Rooney was sent off because of me but it is not true."

Rooney has stated in private that he doesn't want to play in the same team as Ronaldo ever again, but hopefully the pair will patch up their differences and lead United to victory next season.