Ronaldo: Manchester Ideal

He may have said that he didn't feel like returning to Manchester, but that was only because he thought he would be threatened and booed by his own team's fans. Not so. Cristiano has received a cacophony of cheers each time he gets anywhere near the ball, and he's realised he's happy here!

Having gone over to the fans and punch his heart to them after the Charlton match, Ronaldo has now spoken to the English media to thank the fans personally.

"The fans have been great here - I love Manchester ad can see myself playing here for a long time"

Meanwhile he also cleared up the fact that he had a £400 bet on himself to score more than 15 goals this season wih Sir Alex, and the disappointment of missing out on the Young Player Award at the World Cup.

"It could be it was because of the game against France. Anyone who understands football can see that it was a penalty, but they don't want to admit it.

"When things are like that, it is difficult. But this is all in the past, and people understand that football isn't just about criticising the players. They also have to give them credit.

"Podolski won because he played well. I was happy with what Portugal achieved, and I don't go after individual titles."

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