Ronaldo a Diver?

Middlesborugh boss Gareth Southgate has Slammed Cristiano Ronaldo as a diving cheat!

"Ronaldo has a history of it," Southgate told the News of the World.

"Our keeper has done everything to get out of the way, but the lad has gone down once again."

Asked if he felt cheated by Ronaldo, Southgate said: " Yes - it's as simple as that. I cannot see it was a penalty for love nor money.

"He did it again afterwards with a free-kick against George Boateng."

Luckily Fergie was on hadn to defend Ronny, who did anything but dive - trying to stay on his feet until the last moment after having his back leg taken away!

"Schwarzer is trying to avoid it, but would Ronaldo have scored? I think he would, but anyway it was a penalty kick."

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