Ronaldo grabs the Headlines

Cristiano Ronaldo grabbed the headlines again, with another stellar performance capped off with a sending off. Two goals in the first half guaranteed that Real would inch closer to Barca at the top of the league, but an unintentional swing of his arm cost him the last twenty minutes of the match.

Within six minutes of playing time, Kaka and Ronaldo managed to step into Malaga's box, but it was the visiting side who had the first chance to score in the game with a cross from Duda that Xabi Alonso dangerously headed onto the crossbar!

Real Madrid gradually began to dominate the game. An exceptional pass from Guti to Benzema, who in turn served the ball to Kaka started the rn-up to the first goal. The Brazilian controlled it and passed it to Cristiano Ronaldo, who then side-foted home. Real Madrid wanted more, and Guti served an incredible ball to Ronaldo, who scored again from outside the box.

Cristiano Ronaldo saw red when Mtiliga was hit in the face by his tailing arm, but thankfully the few chances left in the match were all Real Madrid's.