Ronaldo Nets Twice

Cristiano Ronaldo scored two free-kicks (one helped in by a bizarre goalkeeping error) to help secure all three points for Real Madrid against a tough-tackling Zurich side.

Zurich had a strong start to the game and had the first chance to score when a corner kick served by Magairaz reached the far post.

Real Madrid gradually took control of the game, with Ronaldo venturing down the left, Raul running down the centre and Higuain covering the right wing. The Portuguese star was awarded a free-kick and scored the game's opener when keeper Leoni failed to grab the ball.

Higuain ventured into the box and missed a shot that landed at Raul's feet for the captain to score the second strike of the evening. A few minutes later, Raul passed the ball to Higuain and the latter dribbled past Rocha, defeating Leoni with great skill.

Neither Zurich nor their fans gave up. The Swiss took the pitch looking to turn the score around at the start of the second half. Zurich soon netted a strike when Vonlanthen tricked the referee into thinking he was tackled inside the box by Casillas. A penalty was awarded and Margairaz defeated the keeper.

The locals took advantage of Real Madrid's dismay and Aegerter netted a header from a corner kick served by Vonlanthen.

The Madridistas decided to pull rank and seal the game once and for all, and did so with two strikes. Cristiano Ronaldo scored from a 30-metre free-kick; the goalkeeper tried to clear the ball with his fists, but sent it inside the goal instead, and in added time, Guti scored the team's fifth and final strike from a beautiful lob.