Ronaldo on for Real?


It's the news that all Manchester United fans have been dreading ever since Cristiano Ronaldo famously burst onto the football stage with his first brilliant performance against Bolton just three seasons ago - that Cristiano wants to head to Real Madrid.

Not happy with stealing our previous number 7 - Beckham - Real see Ronaldo as a key player in their rejuvenation process, and will be willing to break the bank for him. But will United sell? Who can say!?

"I have told my agent I am prepared to leave. I want to do it in the best manner possible," Ronaldo is quoted as saying by Marca.

"I want to play for Real Madrid and dream of doing so.

"I have gone with Villar Mir's project because it is serious and follows correct procedures.

"They have explained to me their plans and the next step is they will talk to Manchester United to open negotiations.

"Other candidates wanted me to sign a document which is not legal. Villar Mir has promised me he will talk to the club and all we have done is talk through an agent."

Oh No! Sort this out NOW Fergie!