Ronaldo Slams Chelsea

Cristiano Ronaldo is heating up what was always going to be a massively competitive game by coming out with a few choice words for teh Chelsea boo-boys to listen to!

Whilst he was complimentary about Chelski boss Jose Mourinho, "Mourinho is a great coach and he is Portuguese, so I can't speak badly of him,” he said.

"I would like to see what would happen if he were to leave Chelsea. Perhaps they would stop getting good results."

He was not so nice about Chelsea's newest stars - Ballack and Shevchenko.

"Chelsea are about the same as last year," stated Ronaldo. "Shevchenko and Ballack haven't changed them in terms of their superiority to everybody else. They have to work harder to win games and they only just do enough to win."

Meanwhile, Ronaldo has played down the rivalry between the clubs, stating three teams are ahead of Chelsea in their pecking order.

"Rivalry between us and Chelsea exists but there isn't the same passion as the Manchester derby or games against Arsenal of Liverpool," he concluded.

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