Ronny: We're Contenders

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the believers. So is Gary Neville. But a lot of people (even United fans!) are sceptical as to whether Manchester United can win the Champions League this season.

Its not so much a case of a lack of quality, just a lack of luck in recent years, but with United scoring as many goals in one game against Celtic as they did in the entire campaign last season, things rae looking up.

When asked whether he thought the Reds could win, Reonaldo was upbeat. "Why not?" he told the Manchester Evening News.

"This is a big club. Every year we have the chance to win it and hopefully this time we will.

"What happened last season is in the past. You have to think about the moment. We are doing very well just now and we have to keep it going."

Fighting talk Cristiano!

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