The Secret Behind Ronaldo's Health and Fitness

Ronaldo is truly an international sportsperson in every way possible. Not only is he the best in his profession, as a football player, but Ronaldo has many times shown his humanity off the playing field also.

As a father, businessman, team member, and footballer, he is much respected in various communities. Moreover, Ronaldo is one of the few players of his status who go out of their way to help those in need, or even do something simple as stop and take a selfie with a young fan, just before an important game.

Having the talent to play football, determination, and hours of practice are all an integral part of Ronaldo's success. However, to perform the very best at what he does, Ronaldo also needs to be in excellent shape. As one of the most famous sportspersons in the world, he must continuously focus on health and fitness, which he does by having a strict regime and dietary schedule.


Having the right food at the right time of the day can have a fantastic effect on the whole body, resulting in the perfect frame of mind, one needs when playing football. Ronaldo's diet is comprised of six small meals throughout the day, including everything from meats to vegetables. While the world is now debating over plant-based vs. vegan foods, it is essential to note that for a sportsperson, one of the main sources of protein is meat. Thus, Ronaldo typically has a little chicken during lunch and once again at night. His breakfast includes eggs, whereas the other meals consist of vegetables, pasta, and glasses full of fresh juice.

Additions and Avoidance

Everyone associated with football knows that the game can be extremely strenuous for the players. While having a good diet can keep an ordinary person healthy and fit, there need to be some extras in place for a sportsman such as Ronaldo. Therefore, during the day, Ronaldo is known to have supplements and vitamins that keep his bones and muscles healthy. Water intake is crucial for Ronaldo, as it keeps him refreshed and saves him from dehydration during training. The one paramount avoidance for him, though, in food and drink, is sugar.


Watching Ronaldo play on the field is nothing short of art. The way his body moves, his general physique, and of course, all the soccer tricks in his bag, is what makes him the best in the game. In order to have almost super-human strength and perform amazing acts like jumping high up in the air to head the ball, Ronaldo exercises regularly and vigorously. His week is divided into a schedule that allows him to focus on different parts of his body each day. It takes an abundance of effort, passion, and a never-ending drive to exercise like Ronaldo, day in and day out.


Ronaldo has faced many a controversy in his life. From personal issues to having fights on the field or with his fellow team members, it is a part of being famous and in the limelight. One reason why all of this has never affected his game is because Ronaldo pays special attention to making sure he remains happy. There are times when he lets loose by going out with friends for a night out, but then Ronaldo also sticks to a regulated sleep schedule. However, more than anything, he loves to spend time with his family, finding it the most relaxing exercise for the mind and the soul.